The Weather in Chiriqui

Weather in Chiriqui, Panama

After living here awhile every day seems pretty much the same weatherwize. The difference in seasons brings only a few degrees of difference in temperature. However there is a noticeable difference in humidity. From about Jan 1st until May, you won’t see rain. It is hot and dry. From May through December the humidity increases. Enough to make your vertical blinds have condensation on them 24/7. It is enough to make your shoes grow mold, your clothes to do the same if put away damp. Your driveway turns green but so does your yard with all the new growth.

You will find during the rainy season a welcoming evening cool breeze that makes sleeping at night a pleasure. Early morning is almost cool and crisp. The sun is out occasionally during the rainy season, but there are usually many days with overcast skies. The rain storms that come are usually in the late afternoon, so most of us gringos make sure we are home by 3PM to avoid the flooding that occurs during the down pours. Thank goodness we don’t live in the Boquete area, where it rains twice as much as here in David.

Great Site for Weather Updates in Boquete

I have been getting monthly emails from a group of wonderful people who put together a site about the weather in the Boquete region. They like to bring attention to the fact that there are so many pockets of different weather within a short distance in the area. I find it fascinating and hope you might enjoy looking at it. The group and website is called Boquete Weather Watchers.  This is there June update.

About Earthquakes in Chiriqui

I have heard from many people here that there is a consistent amount of earthquakes here. People post about it on the forums on a pretty regular basis. From our persoanl experience we  “thought” we had one when we were living in Boquete.  Most of the tremors that people experience are in the Boquete area. I suppose this attributed to the fact it is closer to Volcan Baru. Here in David we have never felt the ground shake.

Our Video of a Recent Storm

We have been lucky so far that our roof  has not leaked. Evidently this occurs once in awhile. Just wanted to share this new video with you. Here it is :


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