Top Ten Countries to Live Abroad In

Top Ten Countries to Live Abroad In

Top Ten Countries to Live Abroad In

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The world is a big place and every country is unique. However, some countries are better for expats to live in than others. Most lists of the top places to retire in, take into consideration many things before making their determination. These can include, cost of living,  healthcare, safety, climate, activities, infrastructure and real estate.

Every year a new list comes out with the best top ten countries to live abroad in.  As I have observed over the last 10 years, the top ten countries are usually always the same ones, but they tend to juggle their position for first place.  I have read up on some of these countries and even attended seminars on a few, but I must admit that other than Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama, I have never been to the countries on this list.

Having said all of that, if I hadn’t fallen for Panama I would certainly be looking at some of these. I have found good videos and information on these countries I would like to share with you.  The top ten countries to live abroad in also in include Panama and Belize.

More of the Top Ten Countries to Live Abroad In

These include many places you might not have thought of. More importantly these places are now developing their own expat communities as more people are retiring abroad from all over the world. You will find many UK citizens in different places in Europe and Malaysia, who for the same reasons as the US expats have come to discover the low cost of living in these different countries. People from Germany, Canada, Italy, France and many other countries have become part of the new wave of people who are looking for a better lifestyle abroad

Depending on your requirements and sense of adventure, you can find a place to call home in many countries. The world is literally yours for the asking.


Cuenca Ecuador

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To Live in Cuenca









Granada Nicaragua

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Granada Nicaragua
Expats in Nicaragua









Roatan Honduras seen from the air

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Honduras Overview
Reasons to Move to Roatan









France countryside, French Countryside

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Carlile at Flickr



Expats in France
American Expats in France










Photo Courtesy of eGuide Travel at Flickr



Living in Croatia
Retire in Croatia





Kenmare Ireland

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Expats in Ireland
Living in Ireland




Toledo Spain

Photo Courtesy of Daniel R. Blume at Flickr



Expats in Spain
Southern Spain for Expats





Photo Courtesy of Sanchez Jalapeno at Flickr



Living in Thailand
An Expat Blogger Who Lives in Thailand





Malaysia Expat living in Mont Kiara Solaris

Photo Courtesy of Auswandern Malaysia at Flickr


Why Malaysia
Malaysia Second Home Visa Program
Cost of Living in Kuala Lumpur





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