We Received Our Shipment

Yes, folks it is official, on Wed last week we received our long awaited shipment from Colorado. Every one of our 51 boxes came. Nothing was lost or broken on the shipments long venture from Denver to Miami to Colon Panama to here.

Shipping containers, Containers

Photo Courtesy of Jim Bahn at Flicker

It was like Christmas opening all the boxes. If you recall, we packed them up and had them picked up on September 29th, so it has been almost 4 months. It was fun to find out what we had packed and had not. For the most part we did bring all that we needed. However, we realize now that we packed far to many warm clothes we will never use here. So after unpacking, I placed all these items back into space bags and promptly sealed them up and sucked the air out to preserve them and stashed them under the bed.

There was only one thing I thought I had packed because I really treasured it. A magnifying mirror with a stand. I can’t see up close to put on makeup so I have used this treasured piece of equipment for years as the only way I knew mascara was on my lashes and not my face. For the time being here I bought a small 4 inch round version, fully thinking that my wonderful treasure piece would arrive shortly and I could use it again. Not so. I have searched every box and honestly don’t have a clue what happened to it.

To make matters worse, at least on this first visit to a pharmacy, I have yet to find a replacement. I am so blind up close, I need a 10X one and could only find 5X. So you may well ask yourself, what does she do during the day. Well now, my current mission is to find a replacement mirror.

What Else Is Going On?

Having received my desktop computers now, I am in search of a Panama computer geek who can add WiFi chips to each computer. The house we have has cable and the only way to get internet is with WiFi. It of course works find for my laptop.

Trying to find out how to work the Blue Ray Player has at least taken several hours of contemplation and still no success yet.

Getting ready for taxes. Yeah. As most of you know, this is my favorite part of the year.

The electric bill is still in previous owners name. So we will hire our local attorney to translate at the electric company again trying to put it in our name.

Seems most of our days go by fast, whether is is working on some problem or working in the yard, time goes by fast. The days reach high’s now of about 90 and cool off at around 5:30, so thats when the neighborhood comes alive. People are out washing cars in the dark along with watering lawns, doing wash and staying up getting work done in the cool of the night.

Goals for the Next Month

Work more on this blog for one. Getting the shipment got me sidetracked a bit. We want to get the stereo system set up, get something started on the backyard, find a few more small pieces of furniture we need and settle down. Oh, and visit the beach. We still haven’t yet. It is on the list though.


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