What to Pack in Your Luggage?

What to Pack in Your Luggage?

This was harder for me to decide than deciding what to ship. Why? Because this involves two things.

What You Must Take With You, And What You Need to Take

You must consider these things:

  • International flights will allow you to check in only 2 50 lb bags per person, and include one carry on with a purse or small backpack.
  • How long you will need to live with only what you are bringing with you on the plane. Remembering that your household shipment can take 14-20 days AFTER they have an address to ship it to.

We started by both of us each having 2 sturdy pieces of luggage. DONE. I had a smaller 24 X 14 piece also to use as a carry on. And of course we needed and could not live without a laptop, which would be in a computer case carry on.

Nan’s 2 Bags

Kevin’s 2 Bags

Kevin and I packed differently. I was packing with the “what you must take with you” idea. I was most concerned about the carry on and it containing all our worldly information, such as birth certificates, wills, bank account information, investment information, passwords, insurance papers, tax stuff, paperwork for our residency Visa. A lot of this I had already put on the computer by scanning and backing up on USB’s or CD’s, but I had to pack those too.

We both packed clothes, shoes, and outfits we would need for our interview at immigration. In addition though, I have packed Rosetta Stone on DVD’s (so as not to get bored but educated), all the backups of our accounting personal stuff on cd’s, digital camera, video camera, instructions and cables  for each, surge protector for laptop, keyboard and mouse for laptop, security cables for laptop, jewelry (not supposed to ship), home phone (had to use until we left the house), external hard drive, cell phone we got in Panama last visit and charger, my cell phone and charger, tablet and charger, umbrella, 2 headsets for Skype, portable scanner, cables for laptop, US stamps, envelopes, baggage weight measurer(see Picture)  pens and more pens and even rubber bands. These are the things I determined were “must take with you” items. They seem more important and irreplaceable compared to say clothing. (Ok, I could get an umbrella and envelopes elsewhere).

A Must Have To Weigh Bags

Since our live is now viral and most things including credit card statements I will get an email about, I wanted to make sure that I had everything necessary to be able to have internet access and keep it. I was worried about security and someone heisting my laptop. And I am still worried about someone walking off with my carry on which and identity theft would love.  That is one reason I have the extra security chains and locks for it. I believe in being proactive and non trusting.

Before we left the house the bag with all the goodies listed above weighed 47 pounds. The airlines are gonna love me. NOT. My other bag is just under 38 pounds. It contains my clothes, shoes and toiletries that should last me a few weeks.

I am sure that other people pack differently and it is all a matter of what you feel you personally need. I wanted to take advantage of my 100 pounds and take what I would need to have if I never had anything else for weeks or months. That’s my final word on it and I am sticking to it.

For more on go to my page What to Bring And How to Move It Abroad.


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