Where In The World Can You See First Run Movies Cheap?

Movie Theater’s in David

Just saw the new flick Armed and Dangerous Girls with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. Good movie by the way. This is our second movie since being here. The  great thing about movies here is they show each movie usually dubbed in Spanish or subtitled in Spanish with English spoken. The dubbed movies seem to be what the locals enjoy more. Us gringos still like to hear the English version. Out of the two movies we have seen there was only one other person in the theater watching with us. So we had the entire air conditioned place to ourselves.

There are 2 theaters in David that show the same movies. One is in the Chiriqui Mall called Modern David and the other is part of the National hotel downtown called of course National Multiplexes David. We have been going to Modern David since it is so close to the house and has covered parking.

Movies here don’t change as often as in the states and they tend to get here about 4-6 months after they run in the states. And it does seem here as if there are more kids movies than adult movies.

While the movies here have comfy seats, air conditioning and no one eating popcorn behind you the best part of the experience is the price. We go to the 3PM show which is the first of the day. Using our Jubilado discount our movie tickets were $1.72 each. Not bad for a first run movie and a break from the heat of the afternoon.

Check out  La Prensa’s section on Cine  for all the current films, times, subtitled and locations. They keep this site up to date.

Our Receipt

Our Receipt


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